Trains, Planes and Auto-music

Wonderful innovation here by Yuri Suzuki, creator of “Looks Like Music”. Truly a project that you just want to have a play with. Surely the next step for this project is a Kickstarter fund. I want a set of them!

Click here to read more on Fast Company.

[Photo by Hitomi Kai Yoda]

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Paper Power with Paper.js

Paper.js is an incredible open source vector powered graphics library, that runs on HTML5 canvas. Looks like a breeze to get up and running with bezier curves, layers and user interactions in a well documented and simply designed scripting environment.

Take a look here.

There are a multitude of demos and examples, all with source code. A great selection of working projects for all you budding code dabblers.

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Puppet Mastery 2011

Following on from the work of last years students on the MA Digital Media Arts at University of Brighton, here are a new batch of animations from the Flash Puppetry Workshop that I ran recently.

Click the image to see a preview (and find the button to start the animation).

Some great ideas here, with more to come.

Again, you can follow the students on their Blogs using the links on the right.

Well done all!



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It’s Art Jim, but not as we know it

A truly inspired competition by Booooooom!, that really caught the imagination of many. Pick your favourite Artwork, and shoot a photographic version of it.

Straightforward, simple, and as you can see from the images above, very effective. The quality of some of the remakes is extremely high and well worth a look.

Bickering Bots

Click this image to visit the BBC News article on this first Chatbot conversation. Makes for some funny viewing as it emerges that, just like us, computers can easily become prone to being spiky and argumentative.

You’re almost waiting for them to turn away from one another in disgust. Brilliant.

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Get Yourself Together (with ifttt)

A wonderfully easy to use new web service that joins all your dots, ifttt also has the best name for a start-up that I’ve seen for some time.

An easy way to connect WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Tumblr, Flickr, Gmail (to name but a few) using a dead simple event management approach?

Yes please.

I’ve got a handful of ifttt invites too, so if anyone wants to give it a spin, let me know in the comments below…

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How (not) to write your artistic statements…

Short of time? Left your statement to the last minute?

Why not try this time-saving gadget


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“Twitchr” Google Maps Project

Music made by bird-spotters. Sort of. Twitchr demonstrates a lovely, playful community based project, and is well executed using Google Maps. Should be of interest to you Sayuri, as the user can upload info along with their marker placement details…

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Take a trip round the world in the company of hundreds of tourist ghosts

Truly inspired use of a virtual sense of place to create haunting visions of a communal experience. Hundreds of tourist photos of world famous landmarks (that were all found online), are superimposed here to create these stunning images by Corinne Vionnet.

A great example too of a project that fits right in with the “Virtual Culture & Network Practices” module, for any first years in need of further inspiration. I wonder if permission to use any of the photos was sought?

(Via My Modern Met)

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Multiuser Sketchpad

Simple yet effective drawing wall, with many users drawing on the same page at any given time. Best way to see how people use it is to leave it open for a while. You can even chat to your fellow doodlers (how’s your Russian?). Another brilliant HTML5 experiment from Mr Doob, creator of The Wilderness Downtown by Arcade Fire.

Be sure to visit his Harmony drawing tool too (see video below), which features the amazing drawing tools seen in the Wilderness video. Plus, the project is available as open source, so you can poke around behind the scenes and play around with the different brushes.

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